Covid-19 Prevention and Control Protocols for Offices in Jakarta

Approximately 5 months after the Covid-19 outbreak in Jakarta, the Head of the Service Office of Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy of Jakarta Province Agency (“Head of Manpower Agency”) enacted Decree No. 1986 of 2020 dated August 28, 2020 on Covid-19 Prevention and Control Protocols in Private Offices, State Owned Enterprises, Regional Owned Enterprises, and Places of Work (the “Decree”). The Decree implements Article 8(9) of Governor of Jakarta Regulation No. 79 of 2020 dated August 19, 2020 on the Disciplinary and Law Enforcement Implementation of Health Protocols as Prevention and Containment Efforts of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (the “Governor Regulation”).

  • Covid-19 Prevention and Control Protocols

Pursuant to the Decree, the Covid-19 prevention and control protocols (collectively, the “Protocol”) in private offices, state owned enterprises, regional owned enterprises, and places of work shall be carried out by these following measures:

  1. To form of a Covid-19 Handling Team which consists of the leader of the Company, the representatives of the employees, the work safety and health officer, the medical personnel, and the security guard by making a Statement Letter issued by the head of the Company (the “Handling Team”);
  2. The Handling Team shall make reports in writing through directed to the Manpower Agency if there is an employee that has a close contact with a Covid-19 patient, became a suspect of Covid-19, a probable of Covid-19, a confirmed patient of Covid-19, or recently returned from travel;
  3. To limit the number of people present at the same working place at the same time by no more than 50% of the regular capacity;
  4. To require each employee and visitor to wear a mask and any other self-protection equipment as necessary (i.e., hand gloves and/or face shields);
  5. To clean and disinfect the office space periodically using the proper cleaner and disinfectant;
  6. To measure the body temperature of each person who enters the work place;
  7. To provide a separate room to observe an employee with the Covid-19 symptoms;
  8. To provide the hand sanitizer at each entrance and in each room;
  9. To provide hand washing facilities;
  10. Not to terminate the employment of any employee who is undergoing self isolation and continue to provide the basic rights to such employee;
  11. To conduct periodic health assessments to all employees to ensure that they are infected by the Covid-19 and to require visitors to complete the Self-Assessment Form;
  12. To apply a physical distancing of at least 1 (one) meter;
  13. To arrange the utilization of the employees facilities to avoid large gatherings (i.e., the elevators, praying facility, canteens, sports facilities, etc.);
  14. To maximize the use of technology in carrying out work activities;
  15. The Handling Team shall supervise the health of the employees proactively;
  16. To impose sanctions on employees that do not implement the Protocol;
  17. To encourage employees to use personal transportation;
  18. To provide supporting facilities for employees who use a bicycle to work; and
  19. To suspending the company’s activity for cleaning and disinfecting for 3×24 hours if an employee and/or a member of society in the company is confirmed positive of the Covid-19.
  • Sanctions

Based on Article 8(5) of the Governor Regulation, any violation of the Protocol by the employer, a manager, an operator, or a person in charge of any office, work place, business place, industrial site, hotel or any other similar accommodation or tourist attraction, shall be imposed with administration sanctions in the form of temporary closing for up to 3×24 hours. Further, if such person repeats the violation of the Protocol, then such person may subject to the following penalties:

  1. First repetition, Rp50,000,000 (fifty million Rupiah) penalty;
  2. Second repetition, Rp100,000,000 (one hundred million Rupiah) penalty;
  3. Third repetition, Rp150,000,000 (one hundred fifty million Rupiah).

The sanction imposition shall be carried out by Satpol PP, the Manpower Agency, the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, the Industry, Trade, Cooperation, Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises Agency. These Agencies may be accompanied by regional authorities, police and/or military force.

As of today, there a number of companies were temporarily closed by the Governor of Jakarta due to the violation of the Protocol.

  • Reporting Obligation

Other than the reporting obligation stated on point (b) above, a company must submit a report on the implementation of the Protocol through which consists of, among others, the check list of whether or not each item of the Protocol is completed.



September 15, 2020

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