Government Determines 22 Commodities as Strategic Mineral

On April 1, 2024, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (“MEMR”) issued the MEMR Decree No. 69.K/MB.01/MEM.B/2024 on the Stipulation of Types of Commodities Classified as Strategic Minerals (“Decree 69/2024”).

The enactment of Decree 69/2024 is intended to enhance the nation’s domestic and global competitiveness by promoting local mineral processing for strategic industrial development and ultimately increasing the state’s revenue and boosting the national economy.

Introduction of the new strategic mineral classifications will also serve as a reference in relation to the governance (tata kelola) of mineral commodities to prioritize increasing the domestic added value through mineral downstream.

Criteria of Strategic Mineral

Decree 69/2024 stipulates 5 (five) criteria for the strategic minerals are, as follows:

  1. Minerals for raw materials of strategic industries (e.g., pharmaceutical and cosmetic, healthcare (health industry), transportation (electric vehicle industry), power generation (solar panel industry), capital goods, components, information communications technology industry (ICT), non-ferrous metal and basic metal (defense industry), and so forth);
  2. minerals that have potential to control the global market through domination of natural resources and/or reserves;
  3. Minerals that contribute significant amounts of state revenue within the mineral mining sector;
  4. Minerals that make a dominant contribution to national foreign exchange reserves; and/or
  5. Minerals that are massively used in strategic industries.

Governance of Mineral Commodities

Stipulation of strategic minerals will be used by relevant government institutions for determining the governance of strategic mineral commodities, among others:

  1. in making regulations and policies for the governance and commerce of manufacturing industry of minerals and associated minerals, including the scraps or waste of processing and refinery industry;

Please note that the above list of strategic minerals may be reviewed annually or at any time deemed necessary.


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