Government Further Extends Micro PPKM

On May 31, 2021, the Governor of DKI Jakarta issued Decree No. 671 (“Decree 671/2021”) on the Extension of the Entry into force of Micro-Scale Public Activity Restriction (Pemberlakuan Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat Berbasis Mikro or the “Micro PPKM”). Decree 671/2021 marks the 9th stage of Micro PPKM, which was first enacted on February 9, 2021 and was lastly extended under Governor of DKI Jakarta Decree No. 615 of 2021 dated May 17, 2021 on the Extension of the Entry into Force of Micro PPKM (“Decree 615/2021”).

While there is virtually no change in terms of the provisions between Decree 671/2021 and Decree 615/2021, the government intends to upgrade testing, tracing and treatment processes in order to curb the pandemic.

Due to the Micro PPKM, certain tourism, recreational, and social activities in Jakarta are also limited. Based on the most recently available Decision of the Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Office of DKI Jakarta No. 343 of 2021 dated April 21, 2021 on the Extension of Micro PPKM in the Tourism Industry (“Decision No. 343”), several activities and places have certain maximum capacity, as follows:

Maximum Capacity Activity/Places
25% (Authorized) Wedding Reception in Hotels/Function Buildings, (Authorized) Bowling/Billiard/Surfing Places, (Authorized) Waterparks, (Authorized) Children’s Game Arena
50% Salons/Barbershops, Golf/Driving Ranges, (Authorized) Meetings/Seminars/Workshops in Hotels/Function Buildings, Recreational Parks/Tourism Areas, Museums and Galleries, Water Tourism (water sports and recreation in lakes, seas, or beaches), Gyms/Fitness Centers, Cinemas, Pools
Others (Max. 30 attendees) (Authorized) Marriage Ceremonies or Other Meetings

While the abovementioned details are applicable only in Jakarta, the Micro PPKM itself is enacted countrywide. The previous Micro PPKM order under the Minister of Home Affairs (the “Minister”) Instruction No. 11 of 2021 dated May 17, 2021, was directed to 30 provinces. Now, the Minister, under his Instruction No. 12 of 2021 dated May 31, 2021 on the Extension of the Entry into Force of the Micro PPKM and the Establishment of Posts for Covid-19 Management in Villages and Urban Villages to Manage the Spread of Covid-19, has extended this coverage to encompass the entire country (i.e., 34 provinces).



June 8, 2021

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